HENGAM is the leading law office in Iran, specialized at intellectual property and e-commerce law. We provide legal services for registration of intellectual property and enforcement of rights before the Courts and Industrial Property Office in Iran.

IP Registration

We provide professional services for registration of trademark, patent, design and domain names in Iran. as well as services from search,   clearance, renewals, cancellation and oppositions. We based our work on technology to manage our clients’ portfolios and cases.


HENGAM provides services for enforcement of the clients’ rights before courts and registration authorities. We have a proven record of expanding success in intellectual property and e-commerce litigation cases in Iran like anti-counterfeiting actions, court prosecution, police raids and seizure of infringing and counterfeit products.

Legal Analysis

Organizations that value their intellectual property as strategic assets, choose HENGAM to get professional legal analysis and make safe decision. We provide counseling services on developing brand, patent, copyright  and e-commerce strategy to maximize the value of your business assets.


Growth of Trademark and Design Registration in Iran

    According to the Industrial Property General Office of Iran, trademark registration increased 74% in 2014. 13876 trademark had been registered in online system of the office. In addition, 2808 industrial design had been registered in the office which...

Required Documents- Design

Design Requirements  1. Name of applicant 2. Type of company (Limited, joint stock, etc…) 3. Type of business 4. Company registration number 5. Nationality 6. Principal location 7. Address with postal code 8. Telephone 9. Fax 10. Email 11. Description of design...

Required Documents- Patent

Filing Requirements  A Power of Attorney duly legalized up to the Iranian Consulate. Three copies of the specification, claims and abstract (in French or English). Persian translation is necessary. Four sets of the formal drawings, (if any), on tracing linen, Bristol...