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PCT Applications in Iran

Iran started the protection of patents by enacting the Trademarks and Patents Registration Act (1931), which subsequently replaced by the Patent, Design and Trademark Registration Act (2007). Iran is a member of the Paris Convention and joined the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in 2013. PCT- Patent Cooperation Treaty International protection of patents has become [...]

2020-10-28T14:21:16+03:3028th October, 2020|Industrial, Patent, Technology|

Iranian Trademark Law Overview

Typically, trademark registration is a prerequisite for enforceable rights in Iran, while trade names are subject to protection without registration. Unregistered trademarks enjoy protection, whereas the trademark is well-known in Iran. According to Iranian law, a trademark is a visible sign that can differentiate the goods or services from others'. Accordingly, sound marks are not [...]

2020-10-24T22:04:57+03:305th August, 2020|Trademark|

Sadeq Shamshiri

Sadeq Shamshiri Partner shamshiri@hengamlaw.com Tel: +98 912 421 9904 Sadegh Shamshiri is a partner in the Intellectual Property, Business and Litigation practice. Based in Tehran, he has more than 10 years’ experience providing legal advice in the Iranian market. Sadegh advises clients on business and intellectual property matters [...]

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